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What is “Qivation Co-Tech Affiliate Program”?

Qivation Co-Tech is a program to collaborate with brands who had their own great design, features and innovation of their products. By Qivation cutting-edge photocatalyst application technology, your product can upgrade to become with its self-air purification and antimicrobial function without affecting the existing features, design and outlook. Qivation prominence photocatalyst application technology which has successfully mastered the application of the PIAJ nanophotocatalyst materials on multiple textures, materials, shapes. We had developed a specific formula for each of our products. Our methods significantly enhance the functionality and efficiency of Nanophotocatalyst.  

Level-Up your product with
Self-Antibacterial and Purification functions

Stringent evaluation and testing procedures to ensure the best solution to fit your consumer needs  


Any products that you can think of could be eligible for upgrade........

Shopping bag

Sports bag

Pets toilet/Product 

Phone Case


Vending Machine


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Phone: 28927398
Email: info@qivation.com 


Thank you for your support to our products and services
Qivation bring you a sustainable wellness life

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