Lighting Q and Wellness Q Series

Our Lighting Q and Wellness Q series cover a range of Home and personal products which adopted the Nano Photocatalyst technology approved by PIAJ (Photocatalysis Industry Association of Japan), such as TiO2 lighting products and accessories, wireless charging pad, Foldable playmat, floor mat, and desk mat, perfect for you and your family daily needs, reduces domestic health risks and creates a comforting lifestyle setting.

Disinfect, Purify your home, Safe and Effective with professional test proven

Qivation offer a series of products that disinfect the space, purifies the air, and enhances lighting with a single application and hassle-free installation. Qivation’s dedication to design thoughtful technological wellness products to enhance your daily life comes with recognition and achievements. Qivation’s process of featuring Nanophotocatalytic technology, TiO2 has met the performance standards from the PIAJ (Photocatalysis Industry Association of Japan). The materials Qivation implements have safety certification approval from the PIAJ and JFRL (Japan Food and Research Lab). Also, Intertek’s and HKSTP verification of Qivation’s products meet quality assurance standards and works effectively.


Our Lighting Q series covers a wide range of TiO2 Lighting products and lighting accessories which carry both the PIAJ recognised nanophotocatalyst technology, WiZ connected lighting technology by Signify (formerly Philips Lighting) combined with Qivation Prominence Photocatalyst Application Technology. Offering a range of up to 64,000 adjustable shades of lightness and up to 16 million colors with preset well-being modes, this lighting series completes your home and indoor needs with a single application.


Our Wellness Q Series are innovative, safe and easy to use in stylish designs and essential for your home and daily lives. Same as our Lighting Q Series, products produced with Japanese nanophotocatalytic technology recognised by PIAJ combining with Qivation Prominence Photocatalyst Application Technology. The TiO2 wireless charging pad sanitises your gadgets while charging, The TiO2 Desk Mat are stylish, colourful, purifies the air and disinfects your items passively.

Qivation Wellness Home Solutions

Place any 2 Qivation TiO2 Products per 100 sq.ft indoor area can effectively disinfect, sanitize, deodorize, and purify the air constantly work round-the-clock. Creating a Cutting-Edge Photocatalyst Environment to Enhance Your Life


How it works?

The TiO2 can initiate an antimicrobial effect for sanitization and air purification and with 24/7 disinfection cycle, the pollutants will be absorbed when no light. The photocatalyst technology processes moisture and oxygen in the air and converts the particles to carbon dioxide and water while releasing them back into the air. Disinfection of your home in a natural and passive way.


1.How long the effectiveness of performance for Qivation TiO2 product?

The titanium dioxide photocatalyst (TiO2) itself is stable and does not react, so the material has a semi-permanent and continuous effect, and the hardness after coating on the surface is 5H. It is basically not easy to peel off. It can keep the utility for 1 to 2 years under normal environmental conditions and maintenance.

2.How to clean a product with TiO2?

To ensure the products to be as durable as possible, we would recommend only remove the dust on the surface of the product, do not use abrasive materials, such as any detergent, alcohol or scourers, etc.... It is also not recommended to use a cloth that is too wet.

3.Can Qivation TiO2 products kill the bacteria or virus that are far from the light source?

Yes, photocatalysis takes place whenever there is visible light so once Qivation lighting products are turned on or under the sunlight, it emits the visible light which activates the photocatalyst process.?It works through light, so the photocatalysis takes place whenever there is light. The process would be generally faster closer to the lighting source. Our nanophotocatalyst technology of using silver ion helps to maintain the sanitization and deodorization properties in dark areas.

4.Can I buy Qivation products at other location?

You also can buy our products at HKTV mall, 3Mall.