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Qivation TiO2 Desk Mat 

Qivation TiO2 Smart LED Light Strip

The world's first wireless charging pad with air purification and disinfection by Qivation

The Future of Home Purifiers - Qivation Light-Q Color


How to connect Qivation Tio2 LightingQ products with Wiz (iOS version)
Qivation TiO2 Smart LED Light Bulb (Full Colour A60 E27) Demonstration with Wiz
Qivation TiO2 Smart LED Light Bulb (Full Colour A60 E27) Demonstration with Siri
Qivation TiO2 Smart LED Light Bulb - Smoke Dispelling Effect Comparison

Customer Says

Things you can do in the face of pandemic - Qivation helps you spend less time and save more money.

Special thanks to Kakurega Ramen Factory | Related product

Reconnect the community - Q-Tech Lighting Transformation Services

Special thanks to Yan Chai Hospital Ng Wong Yee Man Neighbourhood Elderly Centre | Related service

Stay Fresh and free from viruses and bacteria

Special thanks to Tin Shing Dojang | Related service

Color up the space with Qivation TiO2 Color Lightbulb

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"What I like the most is you can have a different kind of light for every mood"

MIRE - Company HR (30 from Spain)

"I think nowadays with the pandemic, it's really good to use them"

CRIS - Ecommerce Executive (27 from Spain)

"...the anti-bacterial and anti-viral function on it i hadn't seen in any other bulb"

SKYLAR - Ballet Dancer (28 from USA)

"My favourite mode is the Day Light mode. Because it brings up all the energy and it just keeps you positive when it's cloudy outside the door..." 

RADU - Graphic Designer (27 from Romania)

"when I'm on the way home, I put on and it purifies the air so I feel much more safer when I get back"

SYLVIA - Director of Development (London)