Air Purification Technology

People are paying more and more attention to the level of air pollution outside and indoors. Do you know the air at indoor is polluted than outside? Many of pollutants stay indoors because the air at indoor does not circulate like outside, and some bacteria and viruses are everywhere, forming and multiplying unknowingly. Especially in spring and summer, the air is more needed to be antibacterial, because bacteria are easy to accumulate in humid and warm environments. When we turn on the air conditioner or fan, the accumulated bacteria and viruses will float in the air. Even if the doors and windows are often not opened, it does not mean that the indoor air is clean, or it can prevent the intrusion of external pollutants. Dust mites are the most common indoor allergen and thrive in humid environments, and a lack of fresh air increases indoor humidity, providing the perfect breeding ground for dust mites. They usually multiply rapidly in beds, carpets and some furniture with sponges and fabrics as the main body. Because of this, a complete indoor Air Purification solution is required.


Indoor Air Purification solution

We are creating products that advocate a better and healthier lifestyle, we offer many different types of affordable product with additional wellness whereas maintaining its original features. 

The Nano Photocatalyst technology we adopted is recognized by PIAJ (Photocatalysis Industry Association of Japan) to exert antibacterial and air purifying technology, which are different from traditional indoor air freshening technology and filtration systems to purify bacteria, viruses and allergens for you. The materials used in the product have also obtained the PIAJ certificate to prove the self-cleaning effect, antibacterial effect and air purification effect.


In addition to maximizing the effectiveness of antibacterial cleaning of indoor air, you can choose products that are suitable for the size of the indoor space. We successfully mastered the application of Nano Photocatalyst on multiple textures, materials, and shapes, which can purify the air and eliminate viruses, bacteria and molds in the air. You can choose our product that suits you according to your needs.


To improve and enhance indoor air quality, you need household products that combine effective antibacterial and air purification. To learn about the efficacy of our technology, as well as testimonials and recognization, please browse our products.


Antibacterial and Air Purification Products

Qivation offers a wide range of antibacterial and air purification products, which are tested and approved to decompose organic matter including pollutants (such as bacteria, odors, viruses, dust) and other harmful microorganisms, and convert them into oxygen and clean air with up to 90% efficacy.


Our products which has proven safe, durable and great antimicrobial performance. Place any 2 Qivation TiO2 Products per 100 sq.ft indoor area can effectively disinfect, sanitize, deodorize, and purify the air constantly work round-the-clock. Creating a Cutting-Edge Photocatalyst Environment to Enhance Your Life. If you have any questions, including wanting to learn more about the scope of indoor air purification, or unsure about the usefulness and functionality of the product, please contact us (call or email) and our specialists will be happy to assist and recommendation.




1. Can it remove odors?

All of our products have the function of air purification, which can  achieve antibacterial, antiviral and decompose odor effects.

2. What substances can affect indoor air quality?

Indoor air pollutants can be roughly divided into the following 3 substances: Particles: including pet dander, dust, dust mites, pollen, etc. Gases: Including tobacco, paint, gases from chemicals, household cleaning products, etc. Germs: Molds, bacteria, and viruses, mostly thrive in environments that are constantly wet and/or unclean.

3. Can I open the windows while using the product?

Yes. It will not affect the effectiveness of air purification. Sure, closing doors and windows reduces the ingress of external pollutants and the air purification maximize their effectiveness.

4. How long do it need to be on?

The TiO2 can initiate an antimicrobial effect for sanitization and air purification and with 24/7 disinfection cycle, the pollutants will be absorbed when no light. The photocatalyst technology processes moisture and oxygen in the air and converts the particles to carbon dioxide and water while releasing them back into the air. Disinfection of your home in a natural and safe way. The size of the space has the opportunity to affect the processing time, if the space is larger, it may be necessary to processing for a longer time. Qivation offers a series of Home and personal products utilizing nano photocatalyst and our own application technology. Upgrade general home accessories with self-air purification and antimicrobial function. Innovation + Health + Living

5. Will it consume a lot of electricity?

It won't. Qivation's smart bulbs/charging docks don't consume much power, so long-term use won't increase the burden on your electricity bill.

6. How do I know that these products have an air purification effect?

Since TiO2 is not visible to human eyes as it is applied at a nano-particle level. We understand it is hard for people how to visually see the air being purified and pollutants being eliminated, but when you use it for a period of time, you will slowly feel that the unpleasant smell around the product becomes lesser, the air becomes fresher, the product surface is easy to clean with no dust accumulated and the deodorizing effect is relatively obvious.