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Creating a Safer Environment for your Employees and Guests

Creating a Safer Environment for your Employees and Guests   Today, keeping your business clean and sanitized has become a very high priority. Hiring professional cleaners and purchasing supplies incur costs over time. Other investments may include air purifiers and dehumidifiers. Some companies pay for UV lighting or Nano Photocatalyst and TiO2 coating services. Disinfection applications can cost up to $50,000, depending on the project. Qivation understands the importance of protecting your employees' and guests’ health. We have developed an easier and less expensive method that achieves wellness. Our products have antibacterial, antiviral, and deodorizing functions. You can easily disinfect and sanitize areas where Qivation’s products are installed. We use TiO2 Nano Photocatalyst Technology that is non-toxic and safe. Initially developed for residences, we are proud to announce our commercial services. We affordably and effectively will transform your business.   Qivation decided to launch our TECH Lighting Transformation Services to create safer work environments. Companies can benefit from our Nano Photocatalyst Technology and sustainable commercial services. Our original offerings include TiO2 smart lighting, primarily for residential customers. Some business settings can install and use our Lighting Q Series. However, not all are compatible with industrial or commercial lighting fixtures. So, Qivation developed a solution to meet your company’s needs. You also may have existing lighting fixtures that do not need to be changed. Many businesses purchase long-lasting lights in bulk and store them for future use. We have solutions for everyone to experience our innovative wellness technology.   Behind Qivation   Our innovators have been working on mastering PIAJ Nano Photocatalyst Technology for years. The PIAJ (Photocatalysis Industry Association of Japan) has recognized Qivation’s cutting-edge technology. Since the start, technology has created innovative home product lines. Our Flagship Full Colour TiO2 LED Smart Bulb has wellness benefits. After installation, the lightbulb absorbs air pollutants 24/7. You can operate the lighting through the WiZ app or regularly. The LED Light disinfects, purifies the air and has antibacterial and antiviral properties. We then followed up with other Qivation Lighting that implements Nano Photocatalytic Technology. Our TiO2 Smart Lighting can be used in any living space. We invent products that everyone can use. If you embrace a sustainable lifestyle or want to conserve energy, we have you in mind.   Knowing many customers already have lighting in their homes, we developed light diffusers. These filters clip onto existing lighting fixtures and provide air purification and sanitization. We expanded our product lines into other home solutions. Items include a Wireless Charging Pad, Desk Mat, and Lamp. Qivation also offers a plush Floor Mat and Folding Mat for children to use while playing. We will soon launch other purposeful home products to keep families safe and healthy.   Recognition and Certifications   Professional Test and Verification Qivation’s products have been tested with the empirical evidence and results verified by Intertek. Their renowned Global Quality Assurance Laboratory for Antibacterial Performance proves effective elimination of bacteria up to 91%. The Antibacterial Activity test shows our technology effectively eliminates 99% of bacteria according to the ISO 22190 and JIS Z2801 standards.   Hong Kong Science and Technology Park using their Field-Emission Electronic Microscope and Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy tested TiO2 (Titanium Dioxide). The studies prove we can successfully adhere TiO2 on our different materials and shapes of products. HKSTP validates the effectiveness of the photocatalyst application technology developed by Qivation.   Also, our adopted Nano Photocatalyst materials have a PIAJ certificate that proves the Self-Cleaning, Antibacterial, and Air Purification Effects. The PIAJ Association is the most authoritative standard for purification materials in Japan. PIAJ’s testing standards are in accordance with the JIS standard, and the Japanese Industrial Standard is the highest and recognized standard in Japan. The issuance of a PIAJ certificate must meet the performance standards, which are measured and examined through standardized and stringent testing procedures. The materials also passed the Acute Oral Non-Toxicity Test conducted by Japan Food Research Laboratory JFRL proves the materials are non-toxic, safe, and reliable to humans and pets. Qivation’s technology effectively kills 99.9% of the Influenza A virus (H1N1) as tested by Kitasato Environmental Science Research Center (KRCES). BOKEN quality assessments and tests prove the materials can effectively eliminate up to 98.9% odors.   Qivation Prominence Photocatalyst Application Technology Qivation is dedicated to advancing more diversified applications of Nano Photocatalyst Technology. With over a year-long research and development efforts, we have mastered applying the PIAJ Nano Photocatalyst Technology in the form of a wide range of materials, shapes, and functions. Qivation develops a specific formula for each of our products. Our methods significantly enhance the functionality and efficiency of nano photocatalyst precisely on every touchpoint in our daily lives.   The Relationship Between Nano Photocatalyst Technology, Materials, and Qivation Photocatalyst Application Technology The easiest way to understand our process is to think of applying paint to furniture. This YouTube Video gives a visual explanation.   Nano Photocatalyst Technology Materials = Paint The coating has antibacterial properties.   Qivation Photocatalyst Application Technology = Applied by our “Painters.” Our Technicians and Engineers determine the type of “paint” to use and develop a specific formula based on the product specifications. Then, we accurately apply the Qivation Photocatalyst Application Technology. Our technicians ensure an adequate and even application on the “furniture.”   Finished Product = “Furniture.” Qivation applies the Photocatalyst at a certain angle with a certain thickness and density. You will receive products that have an industrial-grade standard of antibacterial and air purification features.   Another major accomplishment was an invite to the HKTDC (Hong Kong Trade Development Council) Tech Press Conference. Qivation was the only exhibitor from the lighting industry out of 1700 guests. To be recognized by this statutory government body is an incredible achievement.   Qivation’s One-Stop-Shop Service   Ordering New Lighting Our TECH Lighting Transformation Services give your lights antibacterial and air purification functions. You select the method that best suits your needs. If your commercial property needs new lighting, we provide procurement services. Give Qivation the specifications or model number for your lighting fixtures. Our team will source and order the lights to save you time. If you have a supplier, we can cooperate with them to procure the products. Then, our technicians use arithmetic formulas to measure the amount of coating. Qivation then applies our Photocatalyst and TiO2 technology to the lighting. Then, we carefully ship the products to your company.   Upgrading New or Existing Lights Our technicians can also upgrade any new or existing lighting you have on hand. Qivation has partners that professionally oversee the shipping of any lights. Your company can send the lighting products to our technical centre. There, we apply the TiO2 Photocatalyst Technology. We develop a specific formula to determine how much coating to apply. This method gives your lighting deodorizing, antibacterial, and antiviral properties. Qivation’s application process creates a healthier environment. We then return your newly transformed lights via our logistics partners.   Installation Services Qivation TECH Lighting Transformation Services also include lighting installation. We can dispatch technicians to install new and replace old lights. Another commercial service includes dismantling lighting that you no longer need or want. For businesses in Hong Kong, Qivation can also recycle lighting fixtures for you.   Benefits of Qivation’s Transformation Services   Long-Lasting and Cost-Effective Our Nano Photocatalytic Technology lasts approximately two years. In the long run, Qivation’s Lighting Transformation Services prove cost-effective. We deliver fixtures that last longer and have a lower price than UVC lights.   Air Purification Qivation brings you a healthy environment for your employees or guests. Our commercial services provide a hassle-free experience. Your business will have better air quality that stays fresh. The Nano Photocatalytic Technology deodorizes the areas where the lights are installed.   Antiviral and Antibacterial Focus on everyone’s well-being with our TiO2 and Nano Photocatalytic coating. The lights will combat bacteria and viruses that other fixtures cannot achieve. Along with purifying the air, people will breathe and feel better overall.   Conserves Energy Qivation TECH Lighting Transformation Services conserve energy bills and deliver a sustainable choice. We have made it a mission to invent and produce environmentally products. Our innovations focus on the health of the people and the planet.   Does Not Disrupt Activities If you choose Qivation’s installation services, it will not disrupt business. Our technicians can work without slowing down your day-to-day activities. We guarantee an efficient and worry-free experience that will leave you satisfied.   Get started and transform your space and life. Contact Qivation TECH Lighting Transformation Services. We look forward to hearing from you and will develop the best wellness plan for you.

Qivation’s Safe and Smart Technology

  Smart Home Technology Made With Safe and Secure Materials for Your Wellness   As innovations advance, smart home technology helps make our lives more manageable. We want our home environments to offer an easily attainable sense of safety and security. Qivation takes the basic principles of smart technology and offers effective, stylish products that benefit your everyday health and wellness.   Qivation offers innovative smart technology solutions that add beauty and purpose to your home. Qivation’s smart home products, available to everyone, have safe materials, easy installation, and use. Unlike other smart home technology, Qivation uses a combination of TiO2 (titanium dioxide), silver ion, and Japanese Nanophotocatalytic technology. Qivation meets the standards and certification of The PIAJ (Photocatalysis Industry Association of Japan. Qivation has become the first company in the world that offers this innovative process as they carry out the mission to deliver wellness to you and your family.   Qivation’s Lighting Series implements Nanophotocatalytic technology, TiO2, and silver ion and provides healthy and safe solutions. Qivation’s TiO2 Smart LED Lighting Series has a wide array of smart lighting that disinfects, sanitizes, purifies, and deodorizes the air. Qivation’s TiO2 Light Diffusers clip onto any existing lighting fixtures to enhance your wellness. Qivation’s also offers a Wireless Charging Pad that effectively reduces bacteria and viruses and deodorizes the air. Other upcoming developments include a kitchen stovetop cover that will absorb pollutants, work as an air purifier, and disinfectant 24/7.    What is TiO2 (Titanium Dioxide)? Titanium dioxide (TiO2), typically an element in the form of a fine powder, acts as a catalyst. Qivation’s innovative smart products have water-soluble TiO2 and pure water, which provides an environmentally friendly coating solution. Photocatalysts use light to trigger a chemical reaction to decompose odors, bacteria, dust, air-borne viruses, and other pollutants. The TiO2 photocatalyst has a semi-permanent duration due to its stability, which has a 5H hardness. Qivation offers a two-year warranty on their products due to the effectiveness and safety of the Nanophotocatalytic TiO2 technology they use.     TiO2, a safe and common metal found in plants and animals, blocks and absorbs pollutants. Titanium dioxide does not cause skin irritation and has no oral toxicity. A popular sunscreen ingredient, TiO2 protects skin from damaging UV Rays. TiO2 also serves as an ingredient in other cosmetic products, like soap and health products, such as toothpaste. Titanium dioxide also has wide usage in foods and has approval from the JFRL (Japan Food and Research Lab) and the United States FDA (Food and Drug Administration).   Application of TiO2 Many companies understand how to utilize TiO2 in cosmetic and food products. However, innovators have fallen short in exploring how to apply TiO2 as a photocatalyst for purposeful use in smart home products. Professional services include spraying TiO2 to surfaces in your home, but hiring an outside business to sanitize your living space can become a costly and additional investment.   A group of innovators in Hong Kong set off to investigate the concept of applying Photocatalytic Technology along with TiO2 as a core technology to enhance wellness. Qivation’s core values consist of delivering smart technology providing safe solutions while being easy to install and use in a single application. Qivation strives to provide smart home products that promote healthier lifestyles for everyone. Offering smart home technology with delicate and stylish designs has also become one of Qivation’s missions. Qivation prides itself on transforming Nanophotocatalytic technology into art that can serve as purposeful home décor.   In designing innovative smart home solutions, Qivation utilizes Nanophotocatalytic technology to invent items featuring a wide range of materials, shapes, and functions. Unlike other companies, Qivation maximizes the effectiveness of TiO2 (titanium dioxide). Qivation’s TiO2 Smart LED Lighting Series and Wireless Charging Pad have become the world’s first inventions to feature Nanophotocatalytic Technology, TiO2, and silver ion together. Qivation continues to work on more innovations that will soon be available to everyone.   Qivation’s Use of TiO2 Sanitization Technology Qivation’s revolutionary combination of PIAJ Nanophotocatalytic technology, titanium dioxide, and silver ion has breakthrough cutting-edge sanitization technology. Unlike the traditional application of TiO2, Qivation’s use of Nanophotocatalytic technology requires no solvents, binders, or alcohol, increasing its efficacy and safety. Qivation’s titanium dioxide technology has no odor, no irritation or toxicity, and can easily be handled. Verification by Intertek further solidifies that Qivation’s products meet quality assurance standards and work effectively.   Proven Results of Qivation’s Use of TiO2 Nanophotocatalytic Technology Qivation’s TiO2 products have proven effectiveness in air purification. Studies show that foul odors decrease by 90% or more using titanium dioxide photocatalyst technology. Deodorizing performance tests show urinary smells (ammonia) after 30 minutes will see a drop of 98.9%. Sweat odors similar to the smell of socks (Isovaleric acid) show a reduction in odor by 91.2% after one hour. Independent tests show that Qivation’s TiO2 photocatalytic technology decreases viruses, such as H1N1 and influenza, by 99.9%. Qivation’s technology has a highly microbial effect, reducing bacteria like e.coli and staphylococcus aureus by over 91%.   Qivation’s photocatalytic TiO2 products have a harmless, non-toxic, inflammable water-soluble coating film. The eco-friendly coating solution poses no risk to humans or animals. Qivation’s Nanophotocatalytic TiO2 technology can decompose hazardous VOC gas, which causes sick house syndrome. Qivation’s titanium dioxide technology can also decompose mold and stains, such as oils, inks, and cigarette marks.   A study of the titanium dioxide materials Qivation uses pass as durable. Qivation’s TiO2 materials show pencil hardness performance above 2H and no peeling in an adhesion test. Testing acid, alkali, gasoline, and detergent resistance, the titanium dioxide results were “No Discrepancy.” Accelerated weather testing using a sunshine weather meter and fade meter show “No Discrepancy” as well. The coating film Qivation implements typically dries within two hours and does not peel due to weather impacts. After several weeks, the film continued to harden and stabilize, showing Qivation’s TiO2 application process to have endurance and effectiveness.   Qivation’s smart technology helps you maintain your entire family’s health by offering safe wellness solutions. Qivation’s TiO2 Smart Lighting Series and Wireless Charging Pad have RoHS compliant certification and will help you achieve wellness and lead a healthier lifestyle.     Check out Qivation’s helpful YouTube videos, which provide useful resources and information. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vzkeNNuRQVA&list=PLLq1VlESDP0tsvyVJh7_UNJKTOtBfYvK9   You can also follow Qivation on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/qivationhongkong/ for short videos, pictures, and product information and updates.

Implementing Qivation in Daily Living

  Creating a Cutting-Edge Photocatalyst Environment to Enhance Your Life   Smart home technology helps make our lives easier. With innovative products and smartphone apps, we can operate things from a distance. By creating a smart home environment, we ease our stress and enhance our daily life and well-being.   Qivation has superior smart home products utilizing photocatalyst application technology. Photocatalyst technology uses light to trigger a chemical reaction, where the light energy releases electrons from surfaces. The light decomposes and converts tiny organic matter, such as bacteria, dust, and viruses, and then releases them into the air.   Qivation has refined basic photocatalyst technology into nanaphotocatalytic technology, creating safer products. Using a combination of silver ion, TiO2 (titanium dioxide), and photocatalyst technology, Qivation offers wellness products with no harmful materials. Titanium dioxide has approval as a food additive with wide usage in food and cosmetic products.   Qivation’s broad knowledge of Nanophotocatalytic technology has many forms of application. Qivation will soon feature more Nanophotocatalytic products in various ranges of materials, shapes, and functions. Even in the dark, Qivation’s smart home products absorb pollutants and work round the clock to disinfect and purify the air in your home.   Qivation’s dedication to design thoughtful technological wellness products to enhance your daily life comes with recognition and achievements. Qivation’s process of featuring Nanophotocatalytic technology, TiO2, and silver ion has met the performance standards from the PIAJ (Photocatalysis Industry Association of Japan). The materials Qivation implements have safety certification approval from the JFRL (Japan Food and Research Lab). Also, Intertek’s verification of Qivation’s Nanophotocatalytic technology shows Qivation’s products meet quality assurance standards and works effectively.   Qivation Helping Your Home   1. In The Kitchen Qivation’s introduction of Nanophotocatalytic technology has broad applications and will be a component in Qivation’s upcoming product lines. The formula of photocatalysis, the amount of TiO2 (titanium dioxide) materials, and the thickness Qivation use allow this application process to design upcoming inventions.   In kitchens, using Qivation’s Nanophotocatalytic technology can have you turn on your smart devices and lighting using the WiZ smartphone app before arriving home. The photocatalyst technology, TiO2, and silver ion can begin to disinfect your kitchen before you even walk in the door. Your kitchen will be clean as you start to prepare and cook meals. While making food, Qivation’s combination of safe materials will deodorize and purify the air as you cook and combat any strong odors.   Once you sit down to eat dinner, Qivation’s TiO2 Smart LED Lighting Series can create an atmosphere to help you relax and enjoy your meal. Changing the smart lighting colors while you eat and have a drink can help you unwind. Keep in mind, while using Qivation’s Smart LED Lighting, the light bulbs constantly work to decompose bacteria and viruses. Qivation’s smart bulbs sanitize and disinfect the kitchen area along with purifying and deodorizing the air, making you feel even better. Qivation’s future releases for the kitchen include a stove cover and other home product for any room in your home. These new inventions will also feature advanced Nanophotocatalytic technology and will disinfect, sanitize, deodorize, and purify the air by working 24/7 to improve your daily life.   2. Bathroom As we know, bathrooms are breeding grounds for bacteria and unpleasant odors. Qivation’s products with Nanophotocatalytic technology will provide air purification and deodorization along with bacterial and viral reduction. Tests show that Qivation decreases viruses, such as influenza and H1N1 by 99.9%, through photocatalyst technology, silver ion, and titanium dioxide. Qivation’s smart technology helps maintain your entire family’s health.   Qivation works to achieve wellness and ease in your daily life. Qivation’s products disinfect your bathroom, break down any unseen bacteria and viruses that inhabit your bathroom and purify the air all at once. Qivation’s Nanophotocatalytic technology works 24/7 round the clock. While off, the smart devices and smart bulbs continue to absorb pollutants in dark and dry settings. Once on, Qivation’s product line then decomposes the tiny organic matter to give you a cleaner and fresher bathroom environment.   3. Garage Garages can carry musty odors or smells of exhaust, which Qivation’s Nanophotocatalytic Technology can help. The air purification and deodorization functions Qivation offers can help clear up any unpleasant odors and help you feel better about your garage.   Perhaps, the garage has a lot of clutter with old and dusty items. You can install Qivation’s smart LED lighting to decompose the pollutants, dust and eliminate possible bacteria. The photocatalyst technology processes moisture and oxygen in the air and converts the particles to carbon dioxide and water while releasing them back into the air. The Smart LED Lighting Series creates an effective air purification process that decreases unpleasant odors by 90% or more.   4. Personal Belongings and Electronic Devices After coming home from either work or running errands, you pull your cellphone in and out of your pocket more times than you can count. Touching your cellphone has become second nature, and no one thinks anything of it. You may not understand the severity, but cellular devices carry the most bacteria. Due to bacteria not being visible, you would never know.   You place your cellphone in your pocket or purse with your money and other small items, such as lipstick, which you will apply to your lips. You may be unaware of how much bacteria lives on your personal belongings and grows rampantly. To solve this problem, Qivation offers a TiO2 (titanium dioxide) Wireless Charging Pad that disinfects and charges your cellphone and sanitizes any other small personal possessions.   The LED light in Qivation’s TiO2 Wireless Charging Pad serves as a light and air purification system. Like Qivation’s other wellness products, the charging pad provides round-the-clock anti-bacterial, anti-virus, and air deodorization while on or off and helps you achieve wellness.   Qivation’s TiO2 Smart LED Lighting Series and TiO2 Wireless charging pad, now available to purchase, will soon see an expansion of other technologically advanced products. Qivation strives to better your daily life and help you achieve wellness and health by making your life easier. Using their smart home devices and WiZ app, you can set up your home to create and maintain a healthy photocatalyst environment and feel better overall.     Check out Qivation’s helpful YouTube videos, which provide useful resources and information. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vzkeNNuRQVA&list=PLLq1VlESDP0tsvyVJh7_UNJKTOtBfYvK9   You can also follow Qivation on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/qivationhongkong/ for short videos, pictures, and product information and updates.

Why Choose Qivation Over UVC Lighting

    Activate your wellness and switch to Qivation’s smart LED lighting systems   The pandemic has everyone looking differently at health and wellness. Traditional products like hand sanitizer, soap, and disinfectant cleaners have been challenging to find. Alternative therapies that have been on the market, such as germicidal lighting, have become an option to combat bacteria.   For decades, UVC (Ultraviolet-C) lighting and lamps have been an effective and alternative form of disinfectant. For air purification, installing UVC lights in HVAC systems has been a common practice. While effective, UVC lighting can get very costly.   New to the market, Qivation offers effective air purification LED lighting smart lighting systems and solutions to benefit your wellness. Qivation’s dedication to design smart LED lights featuring Nanophotocatalytic technology has recognition from the PIAJ (Photocatalysis Industry Association of Japan).   Using “Photocatalytic Technology,” silver ion, and TiO2 (titanium dioxide) together, Qivation offers the world’s first smart light bulbs to feature anti-bacterial and anti-viral benefits. The smart LED lighting materials that Qivation uses in their light bulbs do more than just purify the air. Qivation’s smart lighting system also disinfects, eliminates odors, and sanitizes.   Choosing smart LED lighting systems by Qivation will help you achieve a sense of daily wellness. UVC or germicidal lighting has limitations and other factors to consider when selecting disinfection lighting options.   1. Cost and Lifespan UVC Lighting has an approximate lifespan of 12 months. The cost of the light bulbs creates a higher investment. Qivation’s smart home LED light bulbs have a lifespan of approximately two years. For example, you can purchase two Qivation A60 smart LED bulbs for one UVC light bulb's price. Qivation’s smart lighting has more advanced disinfection technology and lasts twice as long as UVC lighting.   2. Smart Home Technology Qivation’s Lighting Q line of LED light bulbs and LED light strips offer smart technology compatible with smart home devices. Like Philips Hue smart bulbs, Qivation’s LED lighting uses the WiZ app and can create 64,000 adjustable shades of light and 16 million colors. UVC lighting does not have any smart home functions and does not change in color.   3. Design and Functionality Qivation offers aesthetic, smart lighting that serves many purposes. UVC lighting does look attractive to use for home decor. Qivation’s smart LED strips, smart light bulbs, and smart LED downlight bulbs allow you to design the look you want. Qivation’s line of LED lights lets you come up with ideas customizing the color you want. With easy installation, Qivation’s smart bulbs can light up any room in your home and serve as under cabinet lighting.   The use of safe nanophotocatalyst technology and TiO2 (titanium dioxide) allows Qivation’s smart light bulbs to work as a disinfectant 24/7. The materials in the LED lights absorb air pollutants while off and decompose the air pollutants when on. Scientific studies show that Qivation’s smart LED lighting decreases bacteria by 91% and viruses by 99%. Deodorization tests show a decrease of 90% in odors. UVC tube lighting provides disinfection effectively but has limitations, unlike Qivation’s smart bulbs. Recent studies in publications also have been hard to find with effectiveness demonstrating UVC combatting COVID-19.   4. Safety Risks of UVC Lighting UVC lighting has been around since the early 1900s, seeing success in a bacterial reduction in tuberculosis. Throughout the years, UVC lighting has become synonymous with germicidal lamps to disinfect. Something to not take lightly, UVC germicidal lighting contains mercury. Despite UVC lighting having only a tiny amount of mercury, this can be dangerous because of mercury’s toxicity. If a UVC light bulb breaks, one must take caution. UVC lighting also generates ozone, which may irritate one’s airways. Disposing UVC lighting also may have regulations based on where you live.   Qivation uses safe materials and Nanophotocatalytic technology, which has recognition from the PIAJ (Photocatalysis Industry Association of Japan). Together with silver ion, and TiO2 (titanium dioxide), Qivation’s smart lighting systems contain safe materials. The smart home technology that Qivation offers does not only disinfect but also purifies and deodorizes the air. While UVC lighting may limit one’s air passages, Qivation’s light bulbs help you breathe better while promoting immunity, health, and wellness.   Another risk that UVC lighting poses that it can irritate your skin and eyes. Now available to anyone, UVC germicidal lighting requires great caution. Only professionals who know how to handle UVC lighting should use these types of tube lights. Using UVC lighting can cause severe damage to the eyes and skin. Qivation offers smart LED bulbs and strips that have cutting-edge technology that pose no health risks. Qivation’s smart bulbs help people by promoting wellness in their daily lives.   Qivation’s innovative smart home technology has a variety of shapes in their LED lightbulbs. For kitchen lighting fixtures, you can choose small or medium downlight tunable smart LED bulbs. Qivation carries an E27 LED bulb for any lamps or other living spaces that require a standard bulb. All of Qivation’s smart light bulbs provide a hassle-free installation.   You can also find under-cabinet LED lighting to illuminate and disinfect your cabinets. Qivation also has smart RGBW LED light strips available in a starter kit or extension. For the downlight tunable LED light bulbs, Qivation has additional diffusers to purchase on top of the smart lighting systems. Instead of incurring the cost of prematurely buying another lightbulb, you can buy a two-pack of smart bulb diffusers in small or medium. The light diffusers clip to the LED bulbs to enhance air purification and deodorization.   Studies show that cellphones run rampant with bacteria, and with the amount of usage and handling, the statistics can be alarming. Qivation has an invention that helps disinfect your cellphone or any other electronic devices that may be Petri dishes of bacteria.   The wireless charging pad by Qivation has dual innovation in charging and sanitizing your devices or other personal items simultaneously. Place your items on the wireless charging pad for disinfection, and it has an LED light that can serve as a lamp and air purification system. Like Qivation’s other wellness products, the charging pad provides round-the-clock anti-bacterial, anti-virus, and air deodorization for a reasonable price.   Qivation offers the first products in the world that carry the leading technology that UVC lighting should not even be a consideration for your home. Qivation’s smart home systems give you safety and wellness and do not pose potential health risks like UVC lighting. Activate your wellness and switch to Qivation’s smart LED lighting systems.     Check out Qivation’s helpful YouTube videos, which provide useful resources and information. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vzkeNNuRQVA&list=PLLq1VlESDP0tsvyVJh7_UNJKTOtBfYvK9   You can also follow Qivation on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/qivationhongkong/ for short videos, pictures, and product information and updates.

Smart Lighting That Purifies Your Home

  Qivation: Wellness Activation Through Smart LED Lighting   Lighting creates an ambiance in our homes, helps us see better, and serves as purposeful decor. Smart lighting focuses on our health and wellness along with saving energy. With today’s smart home technology, you can choose from many variations of lighting. The standard white light bulb’s transformation into smart LED, UV bulbs, and strip lighting offer many benefits. Lighting today comes in multitudes of colors, and you can control smart bulbs with an app on your smartphone.   Breathing has become easier by using smart LED light bulbs that now offer air purification for your home. Qivation, a health and wellness technology company, has smart lighting that disinfects and sanitizes your living space. Qivation’s smart light bulbs purify the air, improve air quality, and eliminate odors. Installing the LED bulbs activates the anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties to protect you and your family.     Qivation’s product line, Lighting Q, goes beyond basic lighting needs and benefits your daily wellness. Qivation offers the world’s first smart lights to utilize innovative Japanese “Photocatalytic Technology,” silver ion, and TiO2 (titanium dioxide) together. Nanophotocatalytic technology has recognition from the PIAJ (Photocatalysis Industry Association of Japan). The combined materials in Qivation’s smart LED lighting activates an antimicrobial effect for sanitization and air purification.   Nanophotocatalytic lighting technology delivers effective anti-bacterial and anti-virus agents. Qivation’s smart light bulbs create a considerable breakthrough by using TiO2 (titanium dioxide) sanitization technology. The use of nanophotocatalyst technology allows the light bulbs to work around the clock. After turning off the smart bulbs, they continue to work non-stop 24/7 as a disinfectant. The smart lighting’s materials absorb pollutants in the air, and after powering on, the LED bulbs will decompose the air pollutants.   Scientific studies show that Qivation’s smart LED lighting decreases bacteria by 91% and viruses by 99%. Deodorization tests show a decrease of 90% in odors. With proven effectiveness, Qivation’s smart LED and UV lighting systems support immunity and wellness.   Qivation’s core values show a dedication to advance and produce more smart home products using nanophotocatalyst technology. Using TiO2 (titanium dioxide) and PIAJ nanophotocatalyst technology, Qivation continues to develop smart home devices with a wide range of materials, shapes, and functions. Focusing on Wellness Activation in their customers’ daily lives, Qivation produces effective smart home systems that enhance the functionality and efficiency of nanophotocatalyst technology. The smart home lighting disinfects living areas, purifies the air, and improves lighting with a single application and hassle-free installation.     Lighting Q by Qivation offers several different types of smart light bulbs and LED strips. The A60 bulb looks like an LED bulb with a more modern look and comes as a single bulb. Qivation carries two sizes of smart LED downlight tunable white lights in small and medium. Each package contains one bulb. The downlight tunable smart lights have a design for recessed lighting ceiling fixtures.   Qivation also carries smart LED lighting strips, which have become a popular lighting trend. You can choose from a 2M full-color starter kit or 1M extension strip available in color and tunable white. You can only install the LED smart lighting strips indoors, and they have a lifespan of approximately 15,000 hours.   The Full Colour Smart LED Bulb, another innovative Lighting Q product, has color and tunable white. This flagship smart LED lightbulb works well for accent, display, or workspace lighting. Qivation’s Full Colour Bulb accentuates wall displays and artwork and also can beautifully illuminate cabinets.     This smart LED lighting has a lifespan of approximately two years. To save you from prematurely purchasing a new lightbulb, Qivation sells light diffusers in small and medium sizes for their downlight tunable bulbs. The light diffusers have an antimicrobial effect of sanitizing the areas where you use the LED bulbs. Each pack includes two diffusers that you clip to the existing fixture and makes installation easy.   To turn the LED smart bulbs on and off, you can switch the bulbs or use the WiZ app under Signify (formerly Philips Lighting). WiZ smart lighting software allows you to operate Qivation’s smart LED light bulbs and create a comfortable setting. By using the popular app, you can program the lights to meet your needs. You can schedule the lights to dim or turn on or off. With 64,000 adjustable shades of light and 16 million colors, you can customize your lighting to best suit your lifestyle. Choose between bright white, warm, or cool colors. Using the WiZ smart lighting software, you can connect the LED light bulbs using wifi or Bluetooth. Qivation’s smart LED lighting is compatible with Apple iOS 14, Android, Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, and Google Assistant.   On top of maintaining physical wellness, Qivation’s Lighting Q also has positive psychological benefits. The variations of lighting colors can elevate your mood, help you relax or focus. If you have trouble falling asleep or waking up, you can program the smart light bulbs using the WiZ app. WiZ has a pre-set sleep timer where the bulbs gradually dim at night to help you fall asleep faster. If you struggle with waking up, the bulbs will light up in the morning and get brighter to help wake you up. Studies have shown that using light therapy decreases fatigue throughout the day.     Qivation’s Wellness Q line features an innovative wireless charging pad that not only charges your electronic devices but also sanitizes them. You can also find a 50-pack of 3-ply surgical protective masks to help you stay healthy.   The health benefits alone of Qivation’s smart LED lights offer tremendous value. The LED lighting disinfects and decomposes air-borne viruses, bacteria, odor, and other pollutants. The smart LED light bulbs make for purposeful and stylish home décor. Using these sophisticated smart bulbs helps you stay healthy and balanced. Qivation has your everyday wellness in mind when they design their technologically advanced products. The WiZ app gives you endless choices of colors and shades of light to create your best lifestyle!   Check out Qivation’s helpful YouTube videos, which provide useful resources and information.   You can also follow Qivation on Facebook or Instagram for short videos, pictures, and product information and updates.