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In addition to developing a series of photocatalyst household and lifestyle products, Qivation also provides business solutions for our business partners and consumers. 

A f f i l i a t e   P r o g r a m

What is “Qivation Co-Tech Affiliate Program”?


Qivation Co-Tech is a program to collaborate with brands who had their own great design, features and innovation of their products. By Qivation cutting-edge photocatalyst technology, we jointly develop a new product line and
promote in both sales channels. The co-branded products with
its self-air purification and antimicrobial function
without affecting the existing features, design and outlook.


We shall research, design, test and develop a tailored-made formula in materials, workflow and production facilities for each product specification. The designed formula is a perfect fit for the product and maximizes the functionality and efficiency of Nano photocatalyst and accurately applies photocatalyst with a certain angle, thickness, and density, together with craft-like skills at industrial-grade standards. 




Who We Are? 

 Our Story


How does it work?

 Our Technology and Test Proven

Together, we collaborate to create Self-Antibacterial and Purification Products

Some of our Co-Tech project

Qivation X Watsons Water


[TiO2 Antibacterial Smart Water Filtration Dispensing Station] 

With Qivation Technology, the water dispensing station has been upgraded with self-antibacterial and purification functions and is more sustainable too 



Certified Filtration System supply by Watsons Water, UV Disinfection, Instant Heat Temp Sense, Meet international certification standards of NSF/ANSI 42 and 53



The station surface initiate Antibacterial, Air purification effects , safe for human and pets with test-proven. Qivation's coating applied on this station is compliance with the Indoor Air Quality Standard for VOCs Emission In accordance with the California Department of Public Health CDPH Standard Method v1.2 tested by Eurofins able to contribute LEED® v4 Air Quality-Low Emitting Materials credit into green building rating system to assist enterprises in achieving the LEED® certificate. Air purification standard (Formaldehyde /Acetaldehyde / Nitrogen Oxide) In accordance to JIS / ISO standard (PIAJ “Photocatalysis Industry Association of Japan” standard)



  • Strong film coated on the Station surface and Antibacterial Label near the spout area
  • Semi-permanent substances coated with long-lasting protection
  • with a hardness of 5H and hard to peel off
  • Easy to clean
  • Able to keep the colours and surface of the station from deteriorating easily
  • Longer Service lifetime, coated materials meet JIS D 0205:1987 standard



Each time water dispensing is seen as saving a bottle. The bottle counter turns one and accumulates to show the total number of bottles saved 



Compared to the Plastic Water Bottle Dispenser, the investment of the station can payback in 7th month , with cost savings HKD 458K and saving 6,900 plastic bottles*


The station surfaces initiate Antibacterial, Air purification effects, Durable, less waste disposal and sustainable too. Meets the environmental, social and corporate governance ESG development goals.


Technology applied to this project:

(1) Qivation TiO2 Antibacterial Label

(2) Qivation Q General Photocatalyst coating on the station surface 


*The ROI report is subject to 5 years projection for 150 employees/person, 3 x dispensers and consuming 2,200 litres of water per month. The figures are for reference only.


TiO2 Antibacterial Smart Water Filtration Dispensing Station @Atrium House - New World Development 

TiO2 Antibacterial Smart Water Filtration Dispensing Station : Customer Review: Tai Kok Tsui Primary Catholic School 

Absorb and decompose pollutants,

converting them into oxygen and clean

air 24/7 


The technology can minimize the Organic substances inclusive pollutants (e.g bacteria, odour smell, virus, dust) laying or near Qivation TiO2 Product removing odor and formaldehyde thru a normal air convention then the pollutants absorbed at the surface of Qivation TiO2 Product even with no light, the pollutants shall then decompose by touching on the surface of Qivation TiO2 Product by visible light or sunlight then converting them into oxygen and clean air, purifying the air of the surrounding. Absorb and decompose pollutants, converting them into oxygen and clean air 24/7 


Click to know more about Our Technology and Test Proven

Qivation x Of. The. Day


[TiO2 Crochet Bag]


Of. The. Day is a high-end crochet bag brand founded by Catherine Hui from Hong Kong. Of. The. Day crochet bags are made from a material called Ohhio Braid, which is a cotton tube with pillow-like filling. Soft, plush, flexible materials inspired her to create these bags. Each piece is handcrafted and unique.

Qivation Nanophotocatalyst Technology applied to the product, which can be disinfected with titanium dioxide (TiO2) without affecting the existing function, design and appearance, achieving 24/7 antibacterial and antiviral and air purification effect. Purify the handbag for everyday use in a safe and natural way.

The bag surfaces initiate Antibacterial, Air purification effects,  maintain the color and surface quality of the bag and does not easy to deteriorate or wear easily, Durable, less waste disposal and sustainable too. Meets the environmental, social and corporate governance ESG development goals.


Technology applied to this project:

Qivation Photocatalyst application technology  

Stringent evaluation and testing procedures to ensure the best solution to fit your consumer needs  


Any products that you can think of could be eligible for upgrade........

Shopping bag

Sports bag

Pets toilet/Product 

Phone Case


Vending Machine


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