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What is “Qivation Tech Technology Transformation”?

Qivation Tech Technology Transformation is a Technology Transfer program for Product Manufacturers or Brands who wish to level up their own products with additional features. By Qivation cutting-edge photocatalyst application technology, your product can upgrade to become with its self-air purification and antimicrobial function without affecting the existing features, design and outlook. Qivation prominence photocatalyst application technology which has successfully mastered the application of the PIAJ nanophotocatalyst materials on multiple textures, materials, shapes. We shall research, design, test and develop a tailored-made formula in materials, workflow and production facilities for each of your products. The designed formula is perfect fit for your product and maximizes the functionality and efficiency of Nano photocatalyst and accurately applies photocatalyst with a certain angle, thickness, and density, together with craft-like skills at industrial-grade standards.     

Absorb and decompose pollutants,

converting them into oxygen and clean

air 24/7 


The technology can minimize the Organic substances inclusive pollutants (e.g bacteria, odour smell, virus, dust) laying or near Qivation TiO2 Product thru a normal air convention then the pollutants absorbed at the surface of Qivation TiO2 Product even with no light, the pollutants shall then decompose by touching on the surface of Qivation TiO2 Product by visible light or sunlight then converting them into oxygen and clean air, purifying the air of the surrounding. Absorb and decompose pollutants, converting them into oxygen and clean air 24/7 

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