Qivation is created out of one single objective, bringing the everyday wellness and health everyone is entitled. Whilst technology is changing every facades of our lives, not only do we believe that innovation is the key to better lives, and we also believe in making it an art as well.


As a group of innovators from Hong Kong, we are creating products that advocate a better and healthier lifestyle. We create products that are innovative, safe and easy to use in stylish designs which fit perfectly in your smart homes and accessible for everyone.


We are dedicated to offer a suite of delicately designed products and services that cater for you and your family’s wellness with safe and smart solutions that demonstrate such belief.


Qivation Products adopted the Nano Photocatalyst technology approved by PIAJ (Photocatalysis Industry Association of Japan); it uses TiO2 to initiate an antimicrobial effect for sanitization and air purification. The use of nanophotocatalyst revolutionizes the traditional application of photocatalysts. It no longer requires any solvent, binders or alcohol, and can initiate the process round-the-clock with visible light. This technology breakthrough can create a giant leap in making use of TiO2 sanitization technology. However, TiO2 is not easy to apply on various surfaces and materials, and the effectiveness varies when applied in different applications.

Qivation spends several years of continuous research and development. We had successfully mastered the application of nanophotocatalyst on multiple textures, materials, shapes and developed Qivation Prominence Photocatalyst Application TechnologyThrough precise arithmetic, specific formula for different product characteristics, photocatalyst can accurately apply with a certain angle, thickness, and density, together with craft-like skills, to significantly enhance the functionality and efficiency of nanophotocatalyst precisely on every touchpoint our daily lives. Our achievement is to offer a series of products that disinfect the space, purifies the air, and enhances lighting with a single application and hassle-free installation.

In our Lighting Q – Wiz series, we adopted the lighting software solutions by WiZ Connected under Signify (formerly Philips Lighting) combined with the Nanophotocatlyst technology. Our product offers a range of up to 64,000 adjustable shades of lightness and up to 16 million colours with preset well-being modes. The technology allows us to design safe, immersive, durable uniquely and 24/7 antibacterial and anti-virus smart home products, which reduces domestic health risks and creates a comforting lifestyle setting.

Our Lighting Q & Wellness Q series solutions cover a wide range of home and personal wellness products catering for your everyday health needs.

In addition to developing a series of photocatalyst products, Qivation also provides “Q Tech Lighting Transformation Photocatalyst Application Technology Services” to transform your own lighting with self- antibacterial and air purification functions. The transformed lighting creates a cutting-edge photocatalyst environment to enhance your life, minimize the risk of health in your working environment.