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Nano Photocatalyst Coating 


Transforms your articles with
Self-Antibacterial and Purification functions

Q General 

Nano Photocatalyst Coating Materials

24/7 round-the-clock disinfection cycle

The Nano Photocatalytic Technology we adopt can initiate a 24/7 round-the-clock disinfection cycle, decomposing airborne viruses, odor, bacteria, removing odor and formaldehyde, and other pollutants with visible light. The pollutants will be absorbed when there is no light, once the light is on, the pollutants shall then to decomposed. Once activated, it will operate around the clock. 



Advanced Technology Composition with Pure Water

The use of TiO2, which we apply is the nano photocatalyst technology. This technology revolutionizes the traditional application of photocatalysts as it no longer requires binders, alcohol, or other harmful materials.

Composed only of water-soluble titanium dioxide and pure water, proven it is harmless to humans and animals.

Recognized technology by PIAJ (Photocatalysis Industry Association of Japan) 

We use “Nano-Photocatalytic Technology” from Japan, the recognized technology by PIAJ (Photocatalysis Industry Association of Japan). The PIAJ Association is the most authoritative standard for purification materials in Japan. The PIAJ testing standard is in accordance with the JIS standard (Japanese Industrial Standard), which is the highest and recognized standard in Japan. 


PIAJ certificate and Made in Japan

The issuance of a PIAJ certificate must meet the performance standards, which are measured and examined through standardized and stringent testing procedures.

The TiO2 (purification material) we use are produced in Japan, and has a PIAJ certificate, which proves that it has self-cleaning, antibacterial and air purification effects, with a hardness of 5H and is not easy to peel off. 

The material achieved JIS D 0205:1987 standard *“Accelerated Weather test". which proves that under the conditions of outdoor exposure to weather (without artificial scratching or wiping), the maximum durability of the material can reach *8 to 10 years (decomposition activity index ≧ 8.0 ) Material effectiveness decreased by 60%, but still higher than the standard (decomposition activity index ≧ 5.0).


Under normal maintenance conditions, the surface durability can be up to double or even more** compared to similar products without our technology


*It artificially produces sunlight (mainly ultraviolet rays) / temperature/humidity (regular rainfall), and observes the deterioration of paints and building materials at a promotion rate of several to 100 times that of outdoor exposure.

**The durability of titanium dioxide (TiO2) photocatalyst also depends on the maintenance status. If it is frequently scratched or wiped, it will peel off/disable faster, and vice versa, the validity period will be longer.

Nano Photocatalyst Coating Services

What is Qivation Nano Photocatalyst Coating Services?

Qivation Nano Photocatalyst Coating Services is a customized services for Consumer or Service Provider who wish to upgrade their general articles, accessories to have self-antibacterial and purification functions at current or new living space.

The Service shall be performed with our Q General Nano Photocatalyst Coating materials then created a protective coating at the article surface,  then transform your article with its self-air purification and antimicrobial function without affecting the existing features, design and outlook. 


Coated surfaces initiate Antibacterial, Air purification effects, Durable, less waste disposal and sustainable too. Meets the environmental, social and corporate governance ESG development goals.


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Phone: 28927398
Email: info@qivation.com 


Applicable for various articles


• Service time about 1 hour (depending on the quantity and requirements of each job)

• The coating of Q General formula has strong adhesion and is not easy to be removed. Wait for the coating to dry (about 2 hours). Do not touch the surface of the object, so as not to affect the antibacterial performance of the Qivation photocatalyst coating

• Service engineers will avoid glass areas to prevent interfering materials

• Please put away valuables first.

• The power supply system needs to be connected during the process.

Terms of Service:

• We will contact the customer within 1 working day after receiving the service request to confirm the appointment date and time

• Any cancellation or rescheduling less than 24 hours will incur a cancellation/rescheduling fee equal to 100% of the booked service amount

• Even if Q General confirms that it is non-toxic and harmless, we still do not recommend that customers get too close to the sprayer during the spraying process, so as not to affect the efficiency of the project.

• Qivation will not be held responsible for guest error, any damage to personal items caused by the spraying process, or any problems caused by the use of the product

Customer Says about
Qivation Tech Transformation Photocatalyst Application Service

Yan Chai Hospital Ng Wong Yee Man Neighbourhood Elderly Centre 

Mr Chung - The Officer of Yan Chai Hospital Ng Wong Yee Man Neighbourhood Elderly Centre said he was worried about the pricing may too high & not much confidence with the disinfection effect for this service before the implementation, it was because this is a new concept and yet to popular in the market, he also worried need to re-schedule the activities of the centre during the services performed. But in fact, the process is very simple & easy, they just need to dismantle the existing tube and replace the transformed light tube just like normal tube replacement, it does not have much impact on the operation of the centre, the service price is cheaper than expected. The transformed and upgraded lighting tubes makes the elderly feel more at ease to participate in the activities in the centres and maintain daily social interactions during the epidemic. During the epidemic, many elders do not have much chance to meet with their children and became estranged, the centre can now provide extra care with the elderly and Qivation Tech Transformation Service let us reconnect the community.

Tin Shing Dojang

Mr Moon - the Tutor of Tin Shing Dojang (Taekwondo class) teaches children with special learning needs such as hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), insufficient concentration and autism. Mr Moon said, the centre is so smelly after several hours of group training classes since our floor mats are so soft, they will easily absorb water and become smelly. But after we used Qivation, this situation really disappeared and felt fresh in the centre. I believe odourless here was due to the Deodorization and Sterilization functions of Qivation. Our schedule of courses is so tight. It may affect our class If uses the traditional photocatalyst coating service as we need to wait for dry up. I am very grateful that we only need to dismantle these lighting panels, they will take them to their centre for processing, and they can be used when they are sent back and installed, very convenient. And we do not need to worry our kids may touch & put into their mouth now if occasionally touch something on the wall or floor, as we had these concerns previously when we were using some chemical detergent for disinfection within the centre. I think Qivation is good.

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Phone: 28927398
Email: info@qivation.com 

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