Creating a Cutting-Edge Photocatalyst Environment to Enhance Your Life


Smart home technology helps make our lives easier. With innovative products and smartphone apps, we can operate things from a distance. By creating a smart home environment, we ease our stress and enhance our daily life and well-being.


Qivation has superior smart home products utilizing photocatalyst application technology. Photocatalyst technology uses light to trigger a chemical reaction, where the light energy releases electrons from surfaces. The light decomposes and converts tiny organic matter, such as bacteria, dust, and viruses, and then releases them into the air.


Qivation has refined basic photocatalyst technology into nanaphotocatalytic technology, creating safer products. Using a combination of silver ion, TiO2 (titanium dioxide), and photocatalyst technology, Qivation offers wellness products with no harmful materials. Titanium dioxide has approval as a food additive with wide usage in food and cosmetic products.


Qivation’s broad knowledge of Nanophotocatalytic technology has many forms of application. Qivation will soon feature more Nanophotocatalytic products in various ranges of materials, shapes, and functions. Even in the dark, Qivation’s smart home products absorb pollutants and work round the clock to disinfect and purify the air in your home.


Qivation’s dedication to design thoughtful technological wellness products to enhance your daily life comes with recognition and achievements. Qivation’s process of featuring Nanophotocatalytic technology, TiO2, and silver ion has met the performance standards from the PIAJ (Photocatalysis Industry Association of Japan). The materials Qivation implements have safety certification approval from the JFRL (Japan Food and Research Lab). Also, Intertek’s verification of Qivation’s Nanophotocatalytic technology shows Qivation’s products meet quality assurance standards and works effectively.


Qivation Helping Your Home


1. In The Kitchen

Qivation’s introduction of Nanophotocatalytic technology has broad applications and will be a component in Qivation’s upcoming product lines. The formula of photocatalysis, the amount of TiO2 (titanium dioxide) materials, and the thickness Qivation use allow this application process to design upcoming inventions.


In kitchens, using Qivation’s Nanophotocatalytic technology can have you turn on your smart devices and lighting using the WiZ smartphone app before arriving home. The photocatalyst technology, TiO2, and silver ion can begin to disinfect your kitchen before you even walk in the door. Your kitchen will be clean as you start to prepare and cook meals. While making food, Qivation’s combination of safe materials will deodorize and purify the air as you cook and combat any strong odors.


Once you sit down to eat dinner, Qivation’s TiO2 Smart LED Lighting Series can create an atmosphere to help you relax and enjoy your meal. Changing the smart lighting colors while you eat and have a drink can help you unwind. Keep in mind, while using Qivation’s Smart LED Lighting, the light bulbs constantly work to decompose bacteria and viruses. Qivation’s smart bulbs sanitize and disinfect the kitchen area along with purifying and deodorizing the air, making you feel even better. Qivation’s future releases for the kitchen include a stove cover and other home product for any room in your home. These new inventions will also feature advanced Nanophotocatalytic technology and will disinfect, sanitize, deodorize, and purify the air by working 24/7 to improve your daily life.


2. Bathroom

As we know, bathrooms are breeding grounds for bacteria and unpleasant odors. Qivation’s products with Nanophotocatalytic technology will provide air purification and deodorization along with bacterial and viral reduction. Tests show that Qivation decreases viruses, such as influenza and H1N1 by 99.9%, through photocatalyst technology, silver ion, and titanium dioxide. Qivation’s smart technology helps maintain your entire family’s health.


Qivation works to achieve wellness and ease in your daily life. Qivation’s products disinfect your bathroom, break down any unseen bacteria and viruses that inhabit your bathroom and purify the air all at once. Qivation’s Nanophotocatalytic technology works 24/7 round the clock. While off, the smart devices and smart bulbs continue to absorb pollutants in dark and dry settings. Once on, Qivation’s product line then decomposes the tiny organic matter to give you a cleaner and fresher bathroom environment.


3. Garage

Garages can carry musty odors or smells of exhaust, which Qivation’s Nanophotocatalytic Technology can help. The air purification and deodorization functions Qivation offers can help clear up any unpleasant odors and help you feel better about your garage.


Perhaps, the garage has a lot of clutter with old and dusty items. You can install Qivation’s smart LED lighting to decompose the pollutants, dust and eliminate possible bacteria. The photocatalyst technology processes moisture and oxygen in the air and converts the particles to carbon dioxide and water while releasing them back into the air. The Smart LED Lighting Series creates an effective air purification process that decreases unpleasant odors by 90% or more.


4. Personal Belongings and Electronic Devices

After coming home from either work or running errands, you pull your cellphone in and out of your pocket more times than you can count. Touching your cellphone has become second nature, and no one thinks anything of it. You may not understand the severity, but cellular devices carry the most bacteria. Due to bacteria not being visible, you would never know.


You place your cellphone in your pocket or purse with your money and other small items, such as lipstick, which you will apply to your lips. You may be unaware of how much bacteria lives on your personal belongings and grows rampantly. To solve this problem, Qivation offers a TiO2 (titanium dioxide) Wireless Charging Pad that disinfects and charges your cellphone and sanitizes any other small personal possessions.


The LED light in Qivation’s TiO2 Wireless Charging Pad serves as a light and air purification system. Like Qivation’s other wellness products, the charging pad provides round-the-clock anti-bacterial, anti-virus, and air deodorization while on or off and helps you achieve wellness.


Qivation’s TiO2 Smart LED Lighting Series and TiO2 Wireless charging pad, now available to purchase, will soon see an expansion of other technologically advanced products. Qivation strives to better your daily life and help you achieve wellness and health by making your life easier. Using their smart home devices and WiZ app, you can set up your home to create and maintain a healthy photocatalyst environment and feel better overall.



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