One-stop shop service transform your lighting with
Self-Antibacterial and Purification functions

Transform your lighting and purify the entire space in reasonable cost
Hiring a Traditional Photocatalyst coating service may cost you a few thousand or even ten thousand for the services and the disinfection effective period is relatively shorter. “Qivation Tech Lighting Transformation Service” and cost you as low as *HK$50 for each bulb the transformed and upgraded lighting can disinfect the space and purify the air after being installed back to your premises. Our solution is efficient, durable and long-lasting.

Upgrade your lighting to become more valuable
Conforming to the trend of environmentally friendly and sustainable, the transformed lighting products are no longer just for a lighting purpose only, but to upgrade with disinfects the space and air purification function and can be last for a maximum of 2 years.

The transformation service takes only 3 days and is not necessary to perform at your premises
Services will be conducted at our Technology Center. Our professional team will define a specific formula for each product, accurately apply with a certain angle, thickness, and density, together with craft-like skills at an industrial grade standard, so to significantly enhance the functionality and efficiency of nanophotocatalyst precisely. No worry about inhaling excessive substances that may remain in the air after spraying on the spot, and feel at ease.

Transform your lighting and purify the entire space in reasonable cost
In addition to transforming your existing lighting products, we can also transform new lighting products or provide a customized proposal to fit your need.

Backgrounder for “Qivation Tech Lighting Transformation Service”

After several years of continuous research and development, we had successfully developed a series of Photocatalyst products. With the know-how for nano-photocatalyst works with different lighting products, then to lead the launching of Qivation Tech Light Transformation Service. We can upgrade your existing lighting products to have Self-Antibacterial and Air purification functions, work round-the-clock and long-lasting The transformed lighting creates a cutting-edge photocatalyst environment to enhance your life, minimize the risk of health in your working environment.

What is Qivation Prominence Photocatalyst Application Technology

Qivation prominence photocatalyst application technology has successfully mastered the application of the PIAJ nanophotocatalyst materials on multiple textures, material, shapes. Through precise arithmetic, a specific formula based on difference product characteristics, photocatalyst can accurately apply with a certain angle, thickness, and density, together with craft-like skills at a industrial-grade standard apply on your lighting products, such as tube, bulb, even other lighting fixtures. After the above process has been completed, the product you retrieve has been transformed and upgraded with Self- antibacterial and air purification functions.


Flexible on-demand service at your choice (* optional service)

Lighting Product Procurement Service*
1) You can provide the required lighting product model and specification, our specialist will source and purchase it for you to save your time; 2) You can provide the contact of your Lighting service provider, our specialists will work with them directly to identify the right services plan for you , so to increase the total services level and efficiency.

Qivation Tech Lighting Transformation Service
The lighting products will be sent to our technical center, under the supervision of professionals, the application of photocatalyst technology will be implemented and the original lighting products will be upgraded and transformed with Self-antibacterial and purification functions.

Collection & Delivery*
GOGOX is the designated partner of Qivation Tech Lighting Transformation Service in Hong Kong. Whether it is picking up the goods or delivering the transformed products, GOGOX is contracted to ensure the safe delivery of your products.

We can provide the installation and dismantle services for the lighting products; our experienced partners can provide the best solution for you.

We can provide recycling services for those dismantled lighting products and these services are available for Hong Kong only.

Customer Says about
Qivation Tech Lighting Transformation Service

Mr Chung - The Officer of Yan Chai Hospital Ng Wong Yee Man Neighbourhood Elderly Centre said he was worried the pricing & the effect of disinfection for this service before the implementation, it was because this is a new concept and yet to popular in the market, he also worried need to re-schedule the activities of the center during the work . But in fact, the process is very simple & easy, they just need to dismantle the existing tube and replace the transformed light just like normal tube replacement, it does not have much impact on the operation of the center, the service price is cheaper than expected. The transformed and upgraded lighting tubes makes the elderly feel more at ease to participate in activities in the centers and maintain daily social interactions during the epidemic. During the epidemic, many elders do not have much chance to met with their children and became estranged, the center can now provide extra care with the elderly and Qivation Tech Lighting Transformation Service let us reconnect the community.

Mr Moon - the tutor Tin Shing Dojang (Taekwondo class) teaches children with special learning needs such as hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), insufficient concentration and autism. Mr Moon said, the centre is so smelly after several hours of group training classes since our floor mats are so soft, it will easily absorb water and become smelly. But after we used Qivation, this situation really disappeared and felt fresh in the centre. I believe odourless here was due to the Deodorization and Sterilization functions of Qivation. Our schedule of courses is so tight. It may affect our class If uses the traditional photocatalyst coating service as we need to wait for dry up. I am very grateful that we only need to dismantle these lighting panels, they will take them to their centre for processing, and they can be used when they are sent back, which is more convenient. And we do not need to worry our kids may touch & put into their mouth now as we had these concern previously when we were using some chemical detergent for disinfection within the centre. I think Qivation is good.


類別 照明產品 服務收費
燈源 例如:燈泡/光管/燈帶 50元 / 每個
小型燈具 例如:筒燈/聚光燈/軌道燈/吊燈
(體積小於25cm x 25cm)
80元 / 每個
中型燈具 例如:吊燈/LED模組或光管燈具/支架/面板燈
(體積於26cm x 26cm 至 100cm x 100cm)
100元 / 每個
大型燈具 例如:吊燈/LED模組或光管燈具/支架/面板燈
(長度於101cm 至 200cm)
(長度於201cm 至 300cm)
(長度於301cm 至 400cm)

150元 / 每個
180元 / 每個
200元 / 每個
特大燈具 例如:吊燈/LED模組或光管燈具/支架/面板燈
其他 其他 另報價

個案示例 (與坊間其他光觸媒塗層噴霧服務比較)

個案 A:診所 / 麵包店 (1000呎)

Qivation 燈光改造光觸媒應用服務:平均每月支出$72**


個案 A:診所 / 麵包店
空間尺寸 1000平方尺
照明產品 光管/燈泡
數目 12枝
Qivation 燈光改造光觸媒應用服務
  數量 單價 金額
物流直送 (上門收件)* 1次 HK$68 HK$68
燈光改造服務 12枝 HK$50 HK$600
物流直送 (改造後派送)* 1次 HK$68 HK$68
安裝 (安裝改造後的照明產品)* 1次 HK$1,000 HK$1,000
總費用     HK$1,736
有效期     24個月
平均支出     HK$72/月
光觸媒塗層噴霧服務 (其他服務供應商)
  面積 單價 金額
光觸媒塗層噴霧費用 每平方尺 HK$3.5 HK$3.5
總費用 1,000平方尺 HK$3.5 HK$3,500
有效期     6個月
平均支出     HK$583/月


個案 B:餐廳 / 時裝店 (2000呎)

Qivation 燈光改造光觸媒應用服務:平均每月支出$272**


個案 B:餐廳 / 時裝店
空間尺寸 2000平方尺
照明產品 小型筒燈/小型軌道燈
數目 50個
Qivation 燈光改造光觸媒應用服務
  數量 單價 金額
物流直送 (上門收件)* 1次 HK$68 HK$68
燈光改造服務 50個 HK$80 HK$4,000
物流直送 (改造後派送)* 1次 HK$68 HK$68
安裝 (安裝改造後的照明產品)* 1次 HK$2,400 HK$2,400
總費用     HK$6,536
有效期     24個月
平均支出     HK$272/月
光觸媒塗層噴霧服務 (其他服務供應商)
  面積 單價 金額
光觸媒塗層噴霧費用 每平方尺 HK$3.5 HK$3.5
總費用 2,000平方尺 HK$3.5 HK$7,000
有效期     6個月
平均支出     HK$1167/月


個案 C:寫字樓 / 老人院 / 幼稚園(10,000呎)

Qivation 燈光改造光觸媒應用服務:平均每月支出$1,324**


個案 C:寫字樓 / 老人院 / 幼稚園
空間尺寸 10,000平方尺
照明產品 (1) 小型軌道燈+(2) 大型燈具
數目 (1) 50個+(2) 130個
Qivation 燈光改造光觸媒應用服務
  數量 單價 金額
物流直送 (上門收件)* 8次 HK$68 HK$544
(1) 小型軌道燈 50個 HK$80 HK$4,000
(2) 大型燈具 130個 HK$150 HK$19,500
物流直送 (改造後派送)* 8次 HK$68 HK$544
安裝 (安裝改造後的照明產品)* 3次 HK$2,400 HK$7,200
總費用     HK$31,788
有效期     24個月
平均支出     HK$1,324/月
光觸媒塗層噴霧服務 (其他服務供應商)
  面積 單價 金額
光觸媒塗層噴霧費用 每平方尺 HK$3 HK$3
總費用 10,000平方尺 HK$3 HK$30,000
有效期     6個月
平均支出     HK$5,000/月

**平均每月支出是以總費用之有效期攤分作計算, 費用將因應企業選用的燈具與服務或有所改變,一切以正式報價為準



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